10 Amazing Style Notes for a Vegas Teen Bedroom Makeover

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After a Las Vegas kitchen remodeling a full bedroom remodel may be out of your budget, there are a few techniques you can do to help your teenagers have a bedroom that shows their personal style. However, consider the fact that your teen now has a few good ideas about decorating the room. Just set clear limits as to the budget and other features. Here are 10 style notes that you can copy as you help your teen on a bedroom makeover:

Save Space with a Tall Bedside Table

Bedside tables are commonly within 6 inches of the mattress height so it is easy to reach things even when lying on the bed. However, if you make the nightstand a little taller than that, it can serve as your teen’s work desk.

Create the Perfect Ambiance with Paint and Lighting

See if you can get extra-large paints swatches or samples of the paints you are considering for the room. Try these out first before buying enough paint for the whole Las Vegas bedroom makeover. Look for lighting that can achieve the ambiance that your teen wants.

Update Existing Furniture

Your teen will appreciate a new bed or nightstand, but before you buy one, consider updating the old one first. If it still works like new, you can just refinish it or replace the knobs.

Buy Useful Items

If you are going to buy new furniture or accessories now, they might as well be something that can also be used in a dorm room. Some examples are study lamps, armchairs, and throw blankets.

Check the Flea Market

There are antiques that could make a great accessory for your teen’s room. Look for something versatile like a wire storage locker that can carry books or shoes.

Use Photos as Décor

Your teen will find this part fun. Let him or her pick a few favorite pictures to print. Frame these or use washi tapes to put them on display.

Add Plants

According to Lifehacker, houseplants can improve indoor air quality. Consider making a DIY air plant terrarium project with your teen.

Update the Study Area

Give your teens some inspiration to do their homework. Put up a bulletin board where they can pin to-do lists or inspirational photos. Add a good task lighting and make sure the chair and the table are the right height.

Keep Clutter at Bay

Bring in a coat tree or install wall hooks to keep the coats and bags from the floor. Add a dresser table by the door where they can drop their keys and other knick-knacks.

Create a Hangout Space

If there is enough room, bring in a couch. If not, just add a soft rug and some cushions.

Las Vegas Kitchen Remodeling and Home Make Over Experts

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