10 Health-Conscious Las Vegas Remodeling Ideas

By January 1, 2016 No Comments

Although these tips may not qualify as “Las Vegas home remodeling” tips, in essence they kind of are, as you are ‘remodeling’ your home with simple little steps that can have a dramatic effect on the safety of your home and household.

1. Change Your Filters

This is probably the most easy and high return on investment tips in the whole list.  Your furnace has a filter in it that almost every Las Vegas homeowner seems to forget about.  It can cost about $50 dollars to replace this filter and with it you will realize a whole host of benefits.

First off you will experience cleaner air during the Winter months.  Your filter is likely covered in hair, dust and dead dust mites, and those can escape the filter and get into your airflow.  Yes, you are breathing that in and it is not healthy for the respiratory system of your entire family.

This move will also save you money.  The more clogged your filter is the more energy is needed to provide airflow to the house.  You will see a decrease in your gas bill and Power Bill by doing this simple step.

2. Change your Batteries

Smoke detectors need their batteries changed at least once per year.  Any more than that and it is a hassle that will get in the way of you actually doing it; any less than that and you risk having a smoking room with a dead detector in it.  Although it can be a hassle to break the ladder out and get these changed, it could be a simple 30 minute step that could save your life, your family’s life, and even your pet’s life.

Yes, it can be a hassle, but I cannot think of any reason you would want to put your home and family (and pet) in danger by not doing this 30 minute inconvenience on your off day.

3. Watch for Mold

Although it rains infrequently in Las Vegas, when it does rain it REALLY rains.  Your Las Vegas home’s roof may have developed a leak.  Even a small one over time can absorb into your ceiling and can cause mold growth.

Get a ladder and head up into your attic crawlspace.  The first sign should be that tell-tale smell.  Mold has a distinct smell and if you have that odor, there is a high chance of a leak.  If you do suspect a leak, you can call us to come out to check it out free of charge.  We can repair that leak, and also call out a Las Vegas water damage company to repair any water damage and remove mold.

4. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Deep cleaning and steam cleaning of your carpets should NOT only be reserved for a first-time move in.  You should try to deep clean your carpets at least every 2 years.  Carpets can collect dust, mites and other bad things over time.  This can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues.

This step can be expensive if you have a lot of carpeting in your home but it is well worth it.

If you have remodeling on your mind, we can replace all your carpeting with hardwood or tile which don’t absorb these bad elements, and you can avoid the annual or bi-annual carpet cleanings for the life of your home.

5. Air Out Your Home

Modern homes are veritable sealed containers.   With all the new energy-efficiency methods being used in new home construction your home becomes a sealed chamber holding in noxious gases such as radon.  Although we always recommend an energy-efficient home, these gases can wreak havoc on your health over time.  Try to air out your home at least twice a month.  Even during the Winter.  Although your home may get too cold or too hot (depending on the time of the year), you can then close your windows up again and reheat or cool it.

6. Move Your Toxic Cans

Paint, cleaning materials and other home chemicals give off noxious fumes even through their containers.  If you don’t believe me, put your nose up to your paint can and see the odors coming off of it.  We highly recommend storing these materials out of any living spaces.

Remodeling Las Vegas contractors: We can build extra cabinets in your garage, or in storage spaces so that you can store all your noxious and toxic chemicals in low traffic areas.

7. Improve Your Lighting

Low lighting can cause accidents.  If your home is limited in lighting fixtures, you can use some of the newer LED lights that have a higher Lumen rating.  This means you won’t have to add more fixtures.  Instead you can use that same light socket to generate more bright light into any room.

We are also rewire your light switches to be variable.  That way you have full control of the brightness of your room lights.

8. Remove Lead From the Home

Older homes built in the 70’s and even 80’s contained lead in the paint and flooring.  Lead can have dramatic effects on child development and can also cause issues in adults.  If you have an older home, we can do a free assessment to determine if you have lead issues, and we can remodel your home to remove it.

9. Be Wary of Noxious Gases

The 2 most common gases in Las Vegas homes are Radon and Carbon Monoxide.  Exposure in the home is exacerbated if you have a newer energy-efficient home that is sealed more tightly.  We can install carbon monoxide detectors in your home to ensure your family is not getting poisoned by this colorless, odorless gas.

10. Get Rid of Flame Retardant Materials

Flame retardant materials have been in the hotseat lately.  More and more of them are now being found to be unsafe.  Because of this, it is important to make sure you couch, bedding, and even home materials are not using flame retardant chemicals that are known dangers.