2016 Las Vegas Home Remodeling Design Trends

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2015 has come and gone, and with it, so have some of the older trends of the past year.  In 2016 we’ve noted several new trends that seem to be trickling up the chain with Las Vegas homeowners.  Here a a few of the big ones we’ve noticed:

Using Metal in Remodeling

Metal is modern, and it is not only taking over our skyscrapers on the Strip, but also the home.  If you’ve noticed in the last few years, all the new buildings on the Las Vegas strip incorporate metal and glass.  We’re starting to see this same design methodology being used in our Las Vegas home remodeling jobs.  People want modern, and metal is seen as ushering in the modern era.


Colors are some of the most fickle design decisions that occur in Las Vegas home construction and remodeling.   It seems that every year or two new colors seem to come to the forefront, and last year’s colors fall out of fashion.  This year we are seeing that light blues and greens seem to requested more.  This is occurring in Las Vegas kitchen remodeling jobs and also in Las Vegas bathroom remodeling.

Contemporary Home Designs

There seems to be a large move towards simplicity in home remodeling.  This can include cabinets with less designs on them, cleaner lines, and solid colors.  This can also include a move away from rustic towards a more minimalist approach.  We are now seeing that home remodeling jobs want a simpler, almost more European look.   This minimalism tends to soothe the busy modern worker that wants to come home to contemporary simplicity.

Transitional Styles of Remodeling

Only just a few years ago, raised panel cabinets were in high demand.  This has shifted dramatically, and now flat cabinets seem to be the new trend.  That is a significant shift.  2 years ago, it was a recession period and people had different lifestyles.  Now that the economy is picking back up, people are more busy and have way more going on in their work and personal lives.  They want a home they can come back to that provides a peaceful atmosphere without all the clutter.  Transitional styles provide fewer lines and less clutter and offer this peaceful ideal.

Remodel vs. Buying New

Perhaps it has to do with the increasing home prices in Las Vegas and the rest of the US, but we’re seeing an increase in people that want to remodel their older home as opposed to buying a new one.  In the boom years it seemed everyone wanted to just buy a new home and move on to a more modern design.  But now that we are running out of land in the Las Vegas Valley, and home prices are shooting up, you can get a better bang for your buck by just remodeling your current home into your dream home.

There are various benefits to remodeling.  Firstly, with a remodel job you are getting exactly what you want.  You don’t get this option with a new home buy.  There are limits to what a new home builder will allow you to customize.

Not so with a remodel.  You can essentially do as much as your budget will allow and get exactly what you want.  This may be the fuel behind the current trend we are seeing wherein people are choosing to remodel their Las Vegas home as opposed to moving out to a new one.

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