Outdated Kitchen? 2016 Trends to Spice Up Your Space

By October 13, 2016 No Comments

Kitchen Remodel Las Vegas: Give Your Kitchen a Timely Update

Remodeling a kitchen is a great way of adding functionality to a space. With this, homeowners can make their kitchen more comfortable while also increasing the ease of which they can work in it. However, despite the practical joys that come with updating a kitchen, it is also a great chance to change the look and feel of this space. Considering that the kitchen is an important piece in every household’s day to day lives, it wouldn’t hurt if this space looked clean, comfortable, and beautiful.  For those considering a Las Vegas kitchen remodel, spice up your space with what 2016 has to offer.

A Year for Practicality and Beauty

When it comes to fashion, design, and architecture, 2016 has been a year that celebrates the seamless combination of practicality and beauty. As stated by the designers at Inside Out, the top kitchen trends of 2016 brings back the beauty of simple yet functional spaces. This can be seen in the muted colors that have been gracing the kitchen walls all over the country. By using less saturated tones such as greys, pale blues, and whites, both the lighting and the look of the kitchen are brought up a notch. With the rise of the minimalist movement, more people have turned to this design philosophy as an inspiration for their Las Vegas kitchen remodel.

The addition of smart spaces and good lighting is yet another nod to practical beauty. When opting for a kitchen remodel in Las Vegas, make sure not to miss out on well hidden charging station, smart and practical storage spaces, and purposeful task and overhead lighting.

Give Your Kitchen an Update

With fun additions such as high-tech workstations, muted color schemes, and a creative mix of materials, these trends are a great addition to any kitchen. As stated by Forbes, these 2016 kitchen trends will not only give your kitchen the look, but also amp up its functionality and efficiency.

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