Bathroom Ideas to Give Your Space a Spa Feel

By April 1, 2016 No Comments

Don’t you wish you just wanna relax from a dreadful day? Has it been a while since you’ve gone to the spa? The tranquil ambiance, that spa aroma. Now, wouldn’t that be a treat? Spas, are the most lavish way to divert from the busy world and they come out quite expensive too.

 There are actually many affordable ideas that you could opt for, and the smartest way to de-stress is having your own spa at home! That would seem like a lot of work, but the design professionals at Remodeling Vegas offers bathroom remodel Las Vegas that fit your preference and budget.

Let’s recreate your bathroom and have your own spa at home at ease with the help of MC Mojave Construction, alongside these helpful tips.

Choose the Right Color Palette

The moment we enter a room, the first impression instantly captures our sight. Choosing the right palette for your walls instantly transforms your vibe. If we’ve noticed, Spas are designed to be minimalistic, sometimes rustic and elegant at the same time. Earth tones are the way to go! Have that Nature- feeling with choosing the right color to paint your bathroom. Go with lighter tones when you don’t have the luxury of space.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Has Good Lighting

Lighting is just as important as choosing the right palette for your room. Dimmers, or dim lighting, seals in the impression. Dimmer controls are most preferable since you can adjust the softness of the light. Can’t do-it-yourself? The professionals at MC Mojave Construction could help you out with all that’s necessary, especially the circuit and wiring expertise that this requires.

Bring in Wooden Details

Go rustic with a touch of wooden floors and furnishings. This is sure to add an earthy feel that instantly calms the soul. Nowadays, technology has offered a more feasible option for damp areas that’s inevitable in such places like bathrooms. Faux wood tiles offer a wooden look but is actually made of porcelain or ceramic– perfect for bathrooms! These offer a variety of complex textures and patterns as well.

Clean Up Mess and Clutter

Clutter gives a feeling of tension and chaos. Clear sight of all those toiletries, keep them hidden, throw all unused and expired toiletries. Don’t have enough storage space?, Arrange them in glass vases or jars– makes them look classy and part of the design.

MC Mojave Construction allows you to personalize your bathroom with a bathroom remodel Las Vegas. They offer a ton of options and may even have your design from scratch. Luxurious options include hydrotherapy facilities or you could go zen-style and have a Japanese soaking tub that soaks your whole body from the neck down when you take a dip. Add a touch of aromatherapy with rose petals and essential oils. Interested in a bathroom remodel Las Vegas? Give us a call and we can talk about how we can achieve the bathroom of your dreams!