Creating Extra Space in Your Small Bathroom

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Tiny bathrooms can be a huge problem! Just imagine crouching when you use the toilet because you don’t have enough leg room or perhaps taking a bath in a space as big as a closet. Both scenarios don’t sound so comfortable, do they? Unfortunately, they are being experienced by some homeowners on a daily basis. If you are one of those people who desire to create more space in their small bathrooms, here are a few helpful tips.

Use over-the-toilet storage units

Not unless you replace it, there is nothing you can do with the size of your toilet. However, you can use the space above it for extra storage. You can either install an over-the-toilet storage unit bought from the store or you can have a customized cabinet built to fit your storage needs and the theme of your bathroom.

Go for a wall-hung sink

Wall-hung sinks are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. First, they free up floor space making a small bathroom appear bigger. Second, they are relatively easier to clean compared with other types of sinks and lastly, they can be conveniently adjusted to whatever height is comfortable for you. The best place to position them is in the corner of a small bathroom. This will free up the middle of your small bathroom giving you much-needed space for easier navigation.

Opt for shower enclosures

If your bathroom is too small for a tub, it’s time to switch to a shower room. Shower enclosures are commonly square-shaped but they can be custom-fit to whatever size or shape you prefer. You can have a rectangular, circular or even a pentagonal enclosure built in your bathroom. Just make sure it doesn’t take too much of your bathroom area while giving you a wide space to shower in.

Not unless you are an experienced professional, tackling a bathroom remodel Las Vegas all by yourself will only result to disaster. Replacing and installing fixtures is way harder than you think. For instance, putting up a wall-hung sink involves removing dry walls and creating necessary wall support. So aside from being a plumber, you must also be a carpenter to get the job done.

Save yourself a lot of trouble by leaving your bathroom remodeling Las Vegas to us. With 30 years of experience, we can transform your tiny bathroom into a space of relaxation and comfort using only the best materials in the market. Don’t worry, we can work within your budget and we can present you with satisfying results right on time. Contact us today and get a free estimate.

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