Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Organized

By April 17, 2016 No Comments

Being the busiest part of your home, your kitchen needs to be optimized for work. It should be immune to clutter. It should be designed in a way that you can easily find the items you need. Some need kitchen remodel Las Vegas because they are poorly designed and not conducive to orderly kitchen work. Other kitchens, meanwhile, could become more organized by doing the following:

Assign Tasks to Each Section of Your Kitchen

For instance, the kitchen island could serve as the food preparation area while the section of the countertop nearest the stove could be exclusive only for cooking. Store kid-friendly items such as cereals and cookies on the lower shelves of the pantry. Higher shelves and hard-to-reach areas could be allocated to cleaning materials, linens or baking supplies.

Throw Away Expired Food Items

Do the same with other items that are of no use. Make an inventory of the remaining items. Base your shopping list on this inventory and the sections in your pantry. For example, your lower shelves need to be filled with snacks while the uppermost shelves while the topmost shelf should be filled with cleaning materials or toxic substances.

Transfer Dry Ingredients into Plastic Containers

This way, you will find them easily when they’re needed. Additionally, you free up space in your pantry when you get rid of bulky packaging.

Install Hooks or Pegs Near the Kitchen Stove

This is where you hang items that you use daily such a pot holders and aprons. Organize cooking ware based on the frequency of use. Separate bakeware from pots and pans that you use to prepare daily meals. Assign a cabinet for each group. So, on your kitchen remodel Las Vegas make sure to tell your contractor to install built-in cabinets.

Separate Cutlery with Drawer Dividers

Place cooking tools such as ladles and spatulas near the cooking area. Keep them within reach by storing them in a decorative container or on the hooks near the stove.

The last thing you need when you are cooking or hosting dinner is a cluttered kitchen. Let these tips chase the clutter away and make your kitchen more organized. If your home needs kitchen remodel Las Vegas, call MC Mojave Construction at 702-432-8878 for free estimates.