Getting Ready for Las Vegas Winters

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Many in Las Vegas consider the passing of Labor Day to mean the end of summer and the impending arrival of fall.  The leaves start to change color, and the air just seems crisper in the early mornings.  As the summer wanes, it’s a good time to start preparing for Winter using the fall months as a headstart.  Here are some home readiness tips we always offer to our customers:

Check for air leaks

The cold air can wreak havoc on your winter & fall power/gas bill.  To avoid this, you want to make sure there are no gaps in your windows and doors.  Over time weather sealing can strip, and normal settling in a house can lead to gaps that didn’t exist the year before.  As these gaps grow, more cool air flows in, and warm air from the inside gets sucked out.  You can plug these gaps with weatherization products or hire a Las Vegas weatherization expert to do it for you.  Weatherizing doesn’t cost much, and will save you tons of money over time.

Replace your furnace filters

Most Las Vegans don’t use their furnace 9 months out of the year.  Because of this, we seem to forget that they need regular maintenance just like our AC systems do.  You want to check your furnace filters every year to ensure they aren’t dirty or clogged.  Dirty/clogged filters can cause 3 issues:

  • Lower air quality
  • Higher power bills
  • Long-term damage to furnace

Cover your hose bibs

As a Las Vegas Remodeling company, one of the unfortunate remodeling jobs we see are for damaged pipes due to frozen water.  This occurs for 2 reasons: (1) home water is not run regularly during cold days; (2) The exterior hose bibs on the side of your house freezes.  This can easily be avoided by buying $10 insulated bibs at your local hardware store.

Replace batteries in monoxide detectors

When your furnace is running, there is a small chance that carbon monoxide can build up in the house, as your windows and doors are usually sealed shut during the Winter months.  You want to make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are on, and fully powered with working batteries.  Every year in Las Vegas, we hear one or two stories of a fatality caused by monoxide poisoning.  Don’t become a statistic, and protect your family from toxic air.


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