Granite Kitchen Counter Remodeling in Las Vegas Home

By November 19, 2015 No Comments

One of the most popular requests we get is for updating old stodgy kitchen countertops with modern granite.   We were recently approached by a customer in Henderson Nevada, that wanted to remodel their aging laminate kitchen counters with polished granite.


We spent about a week with the client going through all the different materials available to include: quartz, recycled glass, marble, and tile; however the client ended up liking the look of granite.  We then worked with them on a design, and they decided that brown was the color they liked, and that they wanted rounded edges for a more polished look, and also for safety reasons; this step took about 3 days total for the customer to make their decision.

Once we decided on granite, the next step was to put in an order with our countertop supplier, and the materials arrived in under 5 days.  Upon arrival, we got to work, and the total renovation time took 1 week.  1 – 2 weeks is a typical countertop remodeling installation timeframe for most normal-sized kitchens.

Going With Granite Countertops

Granite is more hardy than marble (especially for staining), and it is very resilient to damage.  It not only looks beautiful, but its smooth surface makes cleanup easier.  Granite is also easy and inexpensive to repair, compared to other materials.  Almost every Las Vegas & Henderson homeowner we know is impressed with the look and feel of a well-installed granite countertop, so you get extra style points by going with granite countertops in Las Vegas.

Home Value Benefits

We believe the customer made a very good choice of remodeling Las Vegas kitchen counters with granite.  Although it does cost a bit more than the alternatives, granite kitchen counters are a very desirable option for most homeowners in Las Vegas.  It not only raised the value of their home, also makes their home very desirable should they ever decide to sell.   So not only can they enjoy the beauty of their new kitchen counters now, but it also is a future investment in their property that could potentially pay them back in the future if they ever want to sell.