Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

By April 17, 2016 No Comments

If you are updating the look of your home or building a new one, it pays to be up to date with the home remodeling Las Vegas trends. Here are the most popular ones:

Optimized for Accessibility

Now that medical technology has improved the way we care for our aging family members, our homes need to be remodeled to make rooms safer and more accessible. Remodeling our homes gives us the chance to make it elderly-friendly. What a reliable home remodeling Las Vegas expert can do is remove tripping hazards, place grab bars or install bath chairs.

Style Fusion

Friendly and accommodating home remodel contractors allow homeowners to have full control over the outcome of the project. This makes an eclectic mix of style possible. Just make sure that the styles you pick create a pleasing look when combined. For example, you can use elements from different decades. The walls could be painted white while the accents and furniture could be made of wood.

The Techie Home

Again, technology plays a vital room in modern homes. The spread of tablets and smartphones have created an interconnected world. This could also be true about your home if you take advantage of this remodeling trend. You can have wireless tech installed in your homes. An example of this is a fridge that can send reminders of your grocery list.

Energy Efficiency

Global warming is the subject of hot debates in the past years and it will continue to be so this year. Because of this homeowners will be looking for eco-friendly and energy-efficient home appliances and supplies. Included in this trend is the use of bamboo flooring and solar panels.

Exposed Kitchens

2016 is the time for connected kitchen, dining, and living space. This trend influences emerging home remodel and construction. Fortunately, this style has lots of advantages including a more connected family since it prevents isolation.

Functional Basement and Attics

Basements used to be left dark and unused. Today, basements are turned into livable space. They could be turned into guest rooms, libraries or entertainment rooms. This is also true about attics. Work-at-home parents have been increasing in number and so rooms that used to be neglected are turned into functional offices.

These are the most popular home remodeling trends for 2016. Eyeing one of them? Be sure to work only with a company that will charge reasonably. Call a reliable home remodeling Las Vegas company like MC Mojave Construction at 702-432-8878.