Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2016

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Bathrooms have proven to be just as important as the rest of the rooms in a humble home. With endless designs and furnishings to choose from, the bathroom remodeling Las Vegas experts at MC Mojave Construction will help you achieve the vision you’ve always imagined your bathroom to be. The modern times have made beautifying living spaces a huge deal, alongside the vast changes of the newfangled world.

Trends are also of great importance nowadays. Like fashion, It’s also ever changing and widely diverse. All depending on your taste and class, of course. Here are some trends you could try this year that you could do yourself, if not, our specialists could very well make it a lot easier for you!

Trough Sinks

Such a rustic name for something that looks chic and classy. Compared to a double- sink, this prototype could also serve two individuals just in case you’re both in a hurry or something. They offer an outstanding charm for all your vanity needs and has become a big hit this year.

Open Shelving

You actually have to think twice about choosing open- shelves. You don’t need to expose everything there though. These have even made a hit in some vanity section and are sure to add some class to any bathroom. Just choose the right products and toiletries to avoid clutter and dust. Although this is an option you should carefully reconsider. This idea has its pros and cons.

Water-Efficient Bathroom Elements

Rising water bills and increasing water supply is a big no-no. This idea has made many home owners happy with their savings, plus the way it helps in water conservation and mother earth.

Innovative Showers and Shower Head

With the invention of smartphones, the rest of the world has to be “smart” too. Then came smart showers, that also connects to WiFi and is Bluetooth capable. More to come this year and so much more!

Who to Trust with a Bathroom Remodel Las Vegas

Is your bathroom in need of updating? Leave it to our bathroom remodel Las Vegas experts at MC Mojave. We have a team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals who will work with your budget whilst giving you a trendy bathroom. We will create your vision of perfection, even from scratch. Give us a call or a visit today if you want to know what we can do for you. We’d be more than happy to answer any inquiry you might have for us.

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