How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

By April 1, 2016 No Comments

The Kitchen is believed to be the very heart of a home. It is where family members meet, have a little chit-chat, share and prepare food. Even in a busy household, chances are this is a favorite room of the house because it has, of course– FOOD. A well- designed, organized and tidy kitchen is just as important as a fully-packed fridge.

The kitchen remodel Las Vegas team of MC Mojave Construction will help you design and redefine your kitchen standards. Here are the new, innovative and exquisite ideas that’s sure to make your family gather in your kitchen more often.

Vertical organization

Make use of walls and platforms with hooks, magnets and rods to keep clutter off your counters. This makes arranging and cleaning up a breeze without hurting your wallets.

The Big Island with Hidden Tucks

Big, table- sized, with drawers and makes organization easy and at reach. Have a table counter top in the middle of the kitchen. Huge space, multiple drawers and cabinets for safe keeping of utensils and cookware. It’s bound to be the new star of the kitchen.

Carousel Cabinets

Two-tiered carousel cabinets can be used to keep your kitchen items that are both useful and rarely used. This creates room for more action in the kitchen. The design and construction experts at MC Mojave Construction can certainly whip up this idea from scratch and turn it into something fab!

Consider a Glass Ceramic Cooktop

This makes cooking and cleaning a breeze! This is most recommended for saving space, not to mention– It’s sleek and elegant design is sure to make you wanna cook even more.

No Flame Cooktops

Talk about safety & efficiency. The sleek design alone makes you wanna get it for your kitchen.

All- Spice Drawer

This allows you to keep all your spices and maybe some condiments with just a pull of a drawer. Makes a lot of difference and let’s you monitor the spices you already have. Simply fill a drawer with spice inserts and arrange them according to your liking.

Blended Continuity

MC Mojave Construction’s kitchen remodel Las Vegas team makes sure that your choice of customized designs will always be up to par, it doesn’t have to be expensive for they can build anything from scratch. Uniformity is an important essence in functional and what makes up a complete kitchen.

Lighted Drawers

Lightning strips with motion sensors makes up a compact plan. Place your emergency stuff in these drawers or cabinets for easy access.

Sensible Re-organization

Keep your utensils, glassware and cutlery in place and you never have to look for them again.

At MC Mojave Construction, we specialize in kitchen remodel Las Vegas. So if you are looking into adding more functionality in your kitchen, we’d be glad to do the work for you and we can guarantee you that we will meet your expectations. Over the years, we have satisfied all of our customers by giving them the results they desire. So if you want to work with a reliable company that can work with your budget, reach out to us! Give us a call or drop by our office for a visit. We’d be glad to help you out with your dream kitchen!