Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas Tips: Fresh Trends for 2016

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A traditional kitchen is always a good idea, but wouldn’t it be more exciting to try something new? Or maybe, have a fusion of the traditional, conventional and modern styles. The kitchen, like the rest of the house is vital and also needs much attention to details. The kitchen remodeling Las Vegas team of MC Mojave Construction are equipped to make it all easier for you. Having all the expertise and fresh ideas, our specialists are sure to deliver satisfying results. To give you a preview of what’s hot this year in terms of kitchen design, here are some fresh trends this 2016.

Soft and Hushed Hues

Diversity is constant, and the design world manages to always catch up. There was a time when Bright tones dominated our kitchen walls. This 2016, we welcome pastel hues that are simply refreshing to the eyes. Woodwork are no exception. Lighter wood tones, whitewashed and white oak are welcomed into the mix. Although, bright splashes will also be needed as accents in this pastel setting.

Smart Little Spaces

A smartphone world, requires a smart kitchen too. Finally! With the rise of smart phones and tablets, putting up your own charging stations in the kitchen is a necessity and is sure to make waves this 2016. Ask the experts at MC Mojave Construction about the hi-tech options that are available for your kitchen. Give them a call to find out how you can update your kitchen.

Era of Metals

A rising trend since last year, metallic finishes adds an instant glam to a kitchen. You can choose from either brass,copper, bronze, silver and gold. Metal range hoods make the perfect impression and introduces that splash of contrast to any kitchen, or any room.

Assimilated Kitchen-Living Spaces

Break your walls and explore more connection with combining your kitchen and different spaces. Fuse entertainment with cooking and make it more fun with your family and guests. Plus, this gives you the illusion of a bigger space. Think about it.

Let Us Worry About Your Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas

Updating your kitchen can be a hassle. Opting to do it yourself will take a lot of your time and energy. So instead of worrying about it, leave your kitchen remodeling Las Vegas to our team at MC Mojave Construction. With us, you can continue doing what you do best while we work on giving you and your family a kitchen you’d want to come home to everyday. What’s even better is we can work with your budget! Give us a call or a visit today and we can discuss your options. It would be our pleasure to work with you.


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