Las Vegas Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

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ENERGY STAR is the de facto standard for energy efficiency both in the United States and in Las Vegas.  It applies to both services and products in regards to how little (or how much) energy they use.

Every year, Housing Innovation Awards are given out to contractors that attempt to optimize their energy-efficiency efforts in the following areas:

  • Industry Leadership
  • High Energy Savings
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Relations

The winning contractor is awarded based on their ability to build homes using all these aspects above to push for energy efficiency in homes.  The overall goal is to make a home that uses far less energy than its predecessors.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

The EERE is provisioned to work with organizations to push for energy efficiency and renewable energy objectives using market forces.  Here are a few organizations it works with:

  • Universities
  • Labs
  • Private Industry (Businesses)

EERE Objectives

The EERE has the following objectives:

  • Strengthen US energy security
  • Accelerate development of renewable energy technologies
  • Accelerate development of energy efficiency tech
  • Facilitate deployment of both energy efficiency & renewable energy technologies to the public
  • Promote economic activity through these measures

Las Vegas home remodeling plays a strong part in this, as the home is one of the main users of energy in the US.  Through the use of energy efficient remodeling technology homes now use much less electricity and gas than homes even just 2 years ago.

A new home remodel can utilize some of the best new energy efficient products that can drastically cut the energy usage thereby lowering overall US energy consumption and also saving the homeowner money in the process.

Remodeling Vegas: Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our goal is to help Las Vegas homeowners by providing both energy efficient new construction, and to remodel older homes with newer products that allow them to be energy efficient.  With a remodeling job for a Las Vegas home, you not only are improving the looks of your home, you can redo windows, doors, and walls with better insulating materials.

You can lower your power usage by redoing your electrical work.  As homes age, so does your electrical wiring; and this leads to energy leakage that never even makes it to any of your appliances or lighting.  This is lost energy that is released in the form of heat in your walls.  This raises your cooling costs, and also increases the amount you have to pay to NV Energy every year.

Remodeling can also mean adding renewable energy to your home, we can add solar panels to your Las Vegas home through our partnership with Go Solar, one of the leading local solar panel & system installers in Las Vegas.