Lighting Mistakes Vegas Homeowners Frequently Commit

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Lighting is one of the most important elements in a home remodeling Las Vegas. Each home needs various lighting for a different task. Lighting is more than just about illuminating a part of your home, it also has something to do with décor. It is important, therefore, when choosing the type of lighting to consider the tasks done in each room and the type of ambiance you want to achieve. Avoid these most common lighting mistakes Vegas homeowners frequently commit.

Having Only One Source of Light

Layering lights at various heights is the secret to great lighting. One common mistake is having only a single light source. Mixing a variety of table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lamps is key.

Too Bright Overhead Lighting

Lights should help create the right mood. For example, no one wants to dine in 100-watt lights. 60 watts should do. The living room is a place where you may do some reading and family activities, so 75-100 watt will do, but it is great to have options. Use dimmers that can be adjusted from 40 to 100 watts depending on the occasion.

Not Installing Dimmers

Dimmers create the desired atmosphere and mood in a room. When planning a Las Vegas remodeling, don’t forget to include dimmers in your home plan. Dimmers are also money-saving as they reduce energy consumption. The energy saved when dimming a lamp is as high as 98% of the proportion of unused energy, according to Sprags.

Placing Light Switches in the Wrong places

The ideal location of a light switch is about 36” above the floor and 1.5” to 2” from the side of the door casing. This makes sure that it does not interfere with your wall décor.

Using Too Many Recessed Lighting

Too many fixtures could only make your ceiling look like Swiss cheese. So use recessed lighting moderately. The key is to place them strategically. They work best in functional areas of the house such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. They may be too flat and glaring for living areas.

Reputable Remodeling Las Vegas Contractor

When it comes to home lighting, there are rules to be followed. This is because lighting mistakes can destroy the impact of an otherwise amazing home interior. At MC Mojave Construction, we don’t cut corners. We make sure that all of our projects are done with expert craftsmanship using quality products. That’s why when it comes to remodeling in Las Vegas, we’ve been trusted by homeowners and commercial establishments since 1995. Call us today to get your free estimates!