The First Thing You Need to Do Before a Las Vegas Home Renovation

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The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule was published on April 22, 208 by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It aims to protect the people from lead content in paints. Testing for lead paint before home remodeling Las Vegas is now imperative. Although it remains dormant when left untouched, it could pose as a health risk during home remodeling. Luckily, there are ways to check your home for lead paint.

Home Lead Test Kits

The EPA strongly recommends that only certified lead risk assessors do the testing. There are, however, home lead test kits that you can buy if you want to do it on your own. These kits use chemicals that change color when there is lead present in the area. Most homeowners prefer this method because it is less expensive than the services of a certified lead inspector. The problem is, they are also less accurate and less detailed than a professional risk assessment. 

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

An inspection by a certified professional provides a report on the presence of lead-based paint in the home. It is a thorough inventory of all painted surfaces in and out of the house. An X-ray fluorescence is used to make a fast assessment. If the results are dubious, samples are sent to a lab for a deeper analysis.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is done on deteriorating paints in the home. Samples are evaluated to see the intensity and cause of deterioration. Dust and soil in play areas and the foundation are also tested. It provides a report on where the lead exists and how to fix them. It’s not as thorough as paint inspection, so a negative result does not mean there’s no lead in the house.

Hazard Screen

Homes with low risk of lead hazard are assessed using hazard screening. It is a bit similar to risk assessment, but less extensive. The inspector collects samples from floors and windows. It finds out the probability of risks in the areas. A thorough risk assessment is recommended once the result of hazard screening turns out positive.

Risk-Free Home Remodeling Las Vegas

Lead-based paint is risky for your health especially if you’re pregnant or have small kids. For safe home remodeling in Las Vegas, you need to have your home tested for lead hazards first. We have been remodeling homes since 1985 and we strongly recommend it. Also, for commercial or residential home remodel Las Vegas, we urge you to consider our services. Our expert construction team uses quality products and finishes the project on time. While we are working on your home, we guarantee to keep the lines of communication open so you are constantly updated about the status of the project. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling so if you need help in those areas of your home, please give us a call right away!