Top 5 Most Popular Las Vegas Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling – 2015

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One of the most challenging (and fun) parts of being a Las Vegas Home Remodeling company is keeping up with all the latest trends in the remodeling industry.  Every year there is a deluge of new materials, products, and services that hit the market, and some of them turn out to be big hits in the Las Vegas area.

To keep up with all the changes, we attend the National Kitchen and Bath Association Conference in Las Vegas every year.  Here are some of the latest 2015 trends in the Las Vegas bathroom remodeling & kitchen remodeling realm:

Hoodless Range Fans

Modern homes with an island will sometimes have a Range hood (range fan) that protrudes down from the ceiling covering the grill on the central island in kitchens.  This not only can be a real eyesore, but can break the line of sight of people conversing on either side of the island.  To fix this, Cirrus has come up with a hoodless range fan that mounts directly in the ceiling and does not extend down far enough to block the conversation space.

Slab Porcelain

Only a few years ago it seemed like the largest tiles we were seeing were 2ft by 2ft.  This year, several manufacturers have introduced huge slabs as big as 9ft by 5ft!  The ideal usage for these is for bathroom shower walls.  Tiling on walls are prone to water leaks and seepage in the seams where they meet.  This new product means no more seams in areas where leakage can occur.

Nightlight Toilet Seat

Kohler is a mainstay at the NKBAC every year, and they never cease to amaze with an innovative product they introduce to the market.  This year they introduced a toilet seat with a nightlight built in.  The idea behind this is that midnight bathroom breakers don’t like turning on the bathroom light switch for fear of shocking the eyeballs and frightening them out of their nocturnal mood.  Instead of flipping the switch, the nightlight guides you directly to the toilet, and offers ambient light around the surrounding area so you don’t bang your toe while walking half-awake.

Sculptured Tile

Tile designs seem to be getting more unique and intricate every year.  This year takes the cake though.  Several manufacturers introduced extremely unique and intricate patterns that go beyond what has been seen in the past.  These tiles are printed, and then coated with a layer to protect their longevity.  By no longer having to rely on the natural look of stone, almost any tile design you could want can be printed on porcelain to create the perfect sculptured look and feel for your bathroom or kitchen.

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