What to Do if Your Bathroom Lacks Storage Space

By April 17, 2016 No Comments

When bath items such as towels, lotions, shampoos, and soaps are not stored properly, a small bathroom can look even more cramped. Storage is usually the first thing to be sacrificed when there is not enough space in the bathroom. A bathroom remodel Las Vegas could solve this for you. However, you can come up with temporary solutions that do not only create space but also makes the room lovelier. Here’s what you should do to make this possible:

Use Vertical Wire Shelving

You can find a variety of bathroom shelving options at the hardware store. What you need to look for is something that’s made of coated wire and stands vertically. You can hang it above the shower or the tub. This can serve as storage area for towels and bathroom mats.

Repurpose Bike Bins

Your bike’s handlebar baskets can have decorative and practical function when you attach them to you bathroom wall. Hang them in a row or pile to hold tissues, washcloths, and other bathroom supplies. Because they have built-in hooks, you simply have to install hooks on the wall where you can hang the bike bins.

Raid Your Attic for Old Dressers

Remove drawers from an old dresser. Repaint them to match your bathroom’s décor. You may also replace the knob with a decorative piece or add a couple more knobs on opposite sides for hanging light items such as shower caps and bath sponges. Hang vertically on the wall. Use them as storage for small items. You could also ask your bathroom remodel Las Vegas contractor to create a distressed or whitewashed effect if you wish to achieve a shabby-chic style bathroom.

Recycle Old Furniture Pieces

Old furniture can solve your bathroom storage problems. Old stepladders can hold a plant, towels, and grooming products when tucked into a corner. A skinny locker can be squeezed between the toilet and the bath tub and used as storage for first aid supplies and extra items such as soaps and shampoo. They can also keep reading materials safe from moisture – an idea perfect for homeowners who love reading while taking a luxurious bath.

When you have a tiny bathroom, every inch counts. It pays to think of creative ways to add bathroom storage that does not take up too much space. Instead of stuffing all your items in a single cabinet, find a professional bathroom remodel Las Vegas expert to help you out. Call MC Mojave Construction at 702-432-8878 for free estimates.