What to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

By February 22, 2016 No Comments

Do you know how much space is required for a toilet? How about the cost of a basic bathroom remodel?  Both questions should make you realize that a bathroom remodel Las Vegas is not a simple project.  It requires plenty of thought to make sure you don’t end up with a waking nightmare.  To save time, money and effort, it is best to know what to expect and what to consider before diving into the project.

Know how much the project costs

Your budget is the first thing you need to consider so you can put your expectations into perspective. Determine how much money you are willing to invest and everything else will follow. Once you have set a particular budget, you can easily plan how big your bathroom will be, what kind of material to use and other important details.

Don’t make the toilet your focal point

Is your toilet the first thing you see when you open your bathroom door? That has to change! Every bathroom designer will give you this advice: never make your toilet the center of your bathroom. Too often, bathroom doors are left open so if you have guests walking by, they will definitely catch a view of your toilet and let’s be honest, toilet bowls are not the most aesthetically pleasing sights to look at. Make your tub or vanity the focal point of your bathroom instead.

Plan out your lighting

Unless you want to shower in the dark, you should create a lighting scheme to make sure your bathroom is well-lit. Opting for decorative lighting can also give your bathroom a spa-like vibe.

Understand standard bathroom measurements

Research about the key measurements of bathroom fixtures like the size of a regular bathtub and the average space needed for a toilet. Knowing standard bathroom measurements will help you plan your Las Vegas bathroom remodel more efficiently.

Choose the right sink

If you have the luxury of space, you can go for an above-counter vessel sink. However, if you have a small bathroom, you can prevent possible traffic-flow problems by having a corner sink. It will also free up more space for other important bathroom fixtures.

Determine whether you need a tub or a shower

If you don’t take baths, it makes sense to ditch adding a tub inside your bathroom. It will save you both money and space. But if relaxing baths are your thing and you are tight on space, a small tub should do the trick.

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